The Plymouth Pilot was built by Monachorum Manufacturing Company, established in 1963 by friends Mike Challis and Pat Hallam.


During initial years, pre Plymouth Pilots, moulded many boats for other yards to complete as well as other marine and industrial mouldings. These include, but are not limited to…


During the 1969 London Boat Show, it was decided that it was about time that they started to build something under their own name. The search was on!!

The now very familiar shape of the Plymouth Pilot was conceived by the two west country craftsman after finding inspiration from an old Teignmouth pilot launch that was operated as a local ferry on the River Yealm.


Once line drawings were obtained, work started on the Plymouth Pilot 16’ in 1969, with the first boat built in 1970.


The initial wooden concept of the 18’ was displayed at the 1971 London Earl’s Court Boat show, with the first complete set of 18’ mouldings displayed that same year at the Southampton boat show.


Fibreglass deck moulding was introduced.


The first Saltram 24’ later known as the Plymouth Pilot 24’ was launched.’ This was initially moulded by Monachorum Manufacturing for another local boatyard.

In the same year, the first cuddy was introduced for the 18’.

An alternate cuddy was produced for WGM Products and named the ‘Spurling 18’.

In 1988, G Lawton (the foreman at the time and long standing employee of MMC) took over the moulds and subsequent production of boats.

Up until this time, early boats were sold as a set of mouldings, along with plans for the internal structures and an instruction book. As such, many were built as self builds and many more by other yards. When G Lawton took over production of Plymouth Pilots, it was decided that due to changes in lifestyle, the focus would move from kit boats to providing complete semi-bespoke boats to meet the needs of individual customers.


To aid the production in an ever-competitive market, additional mouldings were introduced to eliminate traditional wooden parts from deteriorating. These included the introduction of the floor bearer and engine bed mould produced in 1989, followed by GRP sole, bulkhead, locker and engine box moulds.


In 2009, N Humphrey bought the business, continuing to work closely with G Lawton and the original owner Mike Challis to maintain the high standard and pedigree that is expected from the Plymouth Pilot range of boats.